Habla del Silencio, 2014, Extremadura, Spain

Habla del Silencio, 2014, Extremadura, Spain

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Red cherry colour. Intense nose with aromas of chocolate and liquorice mixed with notes of cherry liquor. Very fresh on the palate with an elegant finish.

Habla is an avant-garde estate established in 2000 in the ancient city of Trujillo. Its 200 hectares of slate land are part of an ancient Greek vineyard that was planted 25 centuries ago. This respect for history is reflected in their name, which is a tribute to Renaissance sculptor Miguel Angel and symbolises the winery’s quest for continuous perfection. Seeking the sincerest expression of their terroir, Habla’s owners create unique wines, which they describe in simple terms and with modern branding. Habla produces primarily red wines in their homeland of Extremadura. In addition, they own a small estate in Provence where they produce their signature rosé wine.


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