Alain Gueneau, Sancerre, La Guiberte, 2015, Loire, France

Alain Gueneau, Sancerre, La Guiberte, 2015, Loire, France

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Delicate grass and gooseberry flavours balanced with zippy acidity and wonderful minerality – a perfect pairing to fish, especially anything in a shell! 

Alain Gueneau and his daughter, Elisa, work together on this family estate spread over 16 hectares of AOC Sancerre on sloping vineyards mainly situated in Sury-en-Vaux, Sancerre and Chavignol. Eighty percent of the vines are planted in the calcareous clay soils known locally as “terres blanches”, which give the wine its body, richness and complexity. The remaining twenty percent are planted in “caillottes” also referred to as “griottes”, stony soils that lend lovely fruity notes to the wine. White Sancerre made with sauvignon Blanc represents three-quarters of their production, and they also produce red and rosé wines from pinot noir grapes. Alain and Elisa are dedicated to taking an environmentally sustainable approach to winemaking, to preserve their unique terroir, the irreplaceable source of their wines’ flavours.

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