Gizella Pince, Szent Tamas, Harslevelu, 2017, Tokaj, Hungary

Gizella Pince, Szent Tamas, Harslevelu, 2017, Tokaj, Hungary

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" Come and experience the purity of the fruit, the great terroir, and the complexity of our wines, because, I believe, Tokaj has them all. For me it all started with my grandparents. Then, in 2005, I had the chance to take over the estate and I did not hesitate to do so. It's been a great journey. My motto is quality over quantity, no matter what. To meet these standards, I produce limited quantities to show the incredible terroir of Tokaj and want to get better and better every year. Please, join me through this adventure. " Laszlo Szilagyi owner and winemaker

The Szent Tamas Grand Cru vineyard lays by the village Mad where Mr Szepsy, the King of Wines operates but Laszlo is right behind him with this exciting 100% Harslevelu wine, that, I, personally, would like to categorise to Gizella Pince answer to Le Montrachet.

The vines are growing on volcanic soil; rhyolitte, tuff with red clay. Hand-picked, fermented and aged in oak for 5 months.

A big, rich, ful-bodied but a very exciting wine, that probably will be at its peak in the next few years. Opens up with tropical fruit notes, again, ripe citrus driven, peach, pineapples and cantaloupe, sweet spices and toasted oak notes that are well-integrated but there to hold this wild flow of flavours and the body together. Great acidity that gives incredible freshness to a big wine like this, and that suggest to me that there is more to come if you can wait - only 666 bottles made, and we have less than 60 in the UK, now. The wine is well-structured, complex and has a very long mineral finish just like Bourgogne's greatest one.



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